Hello Digital Fishers,

We are starting to get some interesting questions general, technical and scientific.  This page is to assist you with navigating the Digital Fishers interface and better understand the project through answering questions from you and your fellow Digital Fishers.  We thank you for your patience as we continue to edit and add questions as they arise.


  1. “How do I get started?”
  • Becoming a Digital Fisher is easy. Simply visit the Digital Fishers website, click on the play button on the right of the screen and log into NEPTUNE Canada to watch a short 15 second segment of video. As you view various animals and your surroundings, you can describe what you see by selecting from the fields below the video screen. These fields include: sea life, water clarity, seafloor composition, and any other objects you see (natural or human made). There is also a comment field where you can add more information. Your “annotation” then gets attached to that segment back at the NEPTUNE Canada database


  1. “The right side of the screen is cut off. The cards and level information cannot be viewed.” 
  • We have built the screen so it can fit both large and small computers. You may need to adjust your screen slightly.
  • PC Users: If you try pressing Ctrl and the “-“ (dash) keys at the same time the system should adjust. To get larger again you can press Ctrl and the “+“ (plus) key.
  • Mac Users: If you try pressing Command ⌘ and the “-“ (dash) keys at the same time the system should adjust. To get larger again you can press Command ⌘ and the “+“ (plus) key.


  1. “The information in the cards is too microscopic to be of assistance in video identification.”
  • At the moment, the purpose of the cards is for educational fun. They are not necessarily connected to what you are seeing in the videos that are currently playing.


  1. “Your ‘Help’ suggested a YouTube of an older version; what about your overall “help” accuracy after all I find it hard to navigate. If your audience is to be the general public then I think you should work on a video tutorial or templates and pre-recorded events.”
  • We have discussed the possibility of a video tutorial and agree that the more guidance that we can offer will make not only the experience more enjoyable, but also the annotations more accurate.
  • We have both help videos available the quick 20-second “how-to” video and the longer (slightly outdated) Demo video (7 minutes).  We thought it was better to keep the longer version available because it explains the experience overall and it doesn’t differ too much from the current experience.


  1. You have no Facebook or other links?
  • You can visit us on Facebook as Digital Fishers and on Twitter @digitalfishers.
  • You can share the link, and we would love you to, by using the “Share this” button on the left of the Digital Fishers screen.


  1. “Video scheduler fatal error”
  • One of our programmers looked up this problem and it could be that your driver needs updating.  He found this site that gives a fairly good “how to”.  If you continue to have any more troubles please contact us at digitalfishers@gmail.com and we’ll look into it in more detail.


  1. Tutorials do not work
  • Sometimes the tutorials look a little different when using Internet Explorer.
  • Each word is a clickable picture.  Make sure to click on these word descriptions. There you will find pictures of the creatures you may come across in the video clips.