How are geological features distributed at a mid-ocean ridge?

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Please help us with our next challenge. For this mission, we have added videos from Endeavour Ridge where the seafloor exhibits spectacular geological features. We need your help in this seafloor mapping expedition of a mid-ocean ridge.

Details of the seafloor geology through video will enhance current bathymetric data sets (underwater maps) and enable better planning of the NEPTUNE Canada network. Also, scientists will be able to use this data to better understand the dynamic geological history of the ridge. Correlating geological features with select animals will also help scientists better understand what affects species distribution in one of the most extreme habitats on earth.

Special Instructions

For this mission, we’d like you to describe structures in the seafloor and pay close attention to a few selected species.

We ask you to annotate the following seven geological features: Click this link for the “Seafloor Characteristics” handout
  1. basalt talus
  2. crevasse
  3. faulting
  4. hydrothermal chimneys
  5. pillow lava
  6. sediments
  7. sheet flow lava

For this, we have created an online handout of the seafloor features…



Please also be on the lookout for the following species:  Click this link for the “Species Wanted” handout.
  1. spider crabs
  2. skates
  3. tubeworms
  4. corals
  5. rattails

For this, we have created a second online handout…


*Please refer to both handouts as you work your way through the video clips. If you see something out of the ordinary, you can always add it to the comment box on the right.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a returning user, this is a different task than you are used to. The usual tutorial does not match the choices. Please use the handouts.